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Computer Town Australia is built on supporting your business. Let us have the headache and leave you to run your organisation where you are the most valuable.

In house and on site service professionals focused on answers and solutions.

    - plans
    - trouble shooting
    - sharing
    - installations
    - consultancy
    - problem solving
  With extensive experience in broadband technology, from single installations and networked computers, to load balanced systems with multiple high speed connections. A wide variety can offer you growth and expansion in your organisation.
    - fast turn around
    - in front of you repairs
    - same business day turnaround*
    - onsite repairs*
    - massive stock holding
    - pc repairs
    - notebook repairs
    - server repairs
    - network repairs
    - servicing systems
    - trouble shooting
    - maintenance schedualing
    - 12 technicians
    - fast repairs
    - fast service
    - professional systems
    - quality control
    - certified engineers
  Trained engineers with experience extending from basic pc repair to advanced server and application troubleshooting. Antivirus removal and Adware specialties. Extensive stock holding for extremely fast turnaround's.

Many problems solved and installs done within half an hour. (limitations apply).

Focused on getting you up and running as fast as possible and keeping you running.

* same business day turn around reserved for contract customers.

Wireless Networks

    - security
    - trouble shooting
    - implementing
    - consultancy
    - problem solving

  With no more cables the new issue becomes security, we have proven techniques and systems for scanning your valuable network for holes and leaks. Don't find out your network is unsecure when it's too late.
Voice Over Internet.

    - implementation
    - PABX integration
    - commander integration
    - office to office
    - consultancy
    - telephones
    - complete phone systems

  The fastest growing technology today, bringing home users and business massive savings on existing phone bills. Some Companies can expect to cut more then 50% of their phone bills by using existing technologies.
Business Voice Over Internet Systems. (VOIP)

    - plans
    - business integration
    - consultancy
    - implementation
    - telephone solutions
    - free calls between offices

  With cost cutting high in the minds of business today its possible for companies to save thousands of dollars a year by integration their high speed internet and telephone systems together. It's easy to reduce your number of incoming lines and still make the same number of outgoing calls and even make free calls between offices or sites.
Networking - Lans & Wans.
    - rollouts
    - organisation
    - cabling
    - migrations
    - planning
    - consultancy
    - security
    - windows
    - windows 2000/2003
    - small an enterprise server
    - linux based servers
    - virtual private networks
    - firewall
    - mail servers
    - proxy servers
    - trouble shooting
  This is where an excellent instead of good support team can save you money and keep your systems running. Local Area & Wide area networks are our specialty, from small, large and enterprise business's, 2 computers to 500 computers. Connect your home office, small office or office's with seamless integration or make your existing systems work like clockwork. With certified linux and windows engineers on hand 7 days a week.

What a difference you will experience with people who speak plain english and really know what they are talking about.

Point Of Sale
    - planning
    - implantation
    - inventory control
    - POS systems
    - touch screens
    - hospitality
    - pharmacies
    - bar-coding
    - barcode scanner
    - cash drawers
    - receipt printers
    - registers
    - label printers
    - label guns
    - pole displays
    - retail software
    - software integration
    - remote administration
  From planning, design, implementation, support to complete solutions.

Complete business and accounting integration, store level to web level, national to international.

More then 10 years experience in designing solutions and solving problems. A team dedicated into getting it right the first time.

Hardware, software and consumables at your finger tips.

Maintenance plans.
    - priority service
    - fast turnaround
    - less downtime
    - reduced support cost
    - disaster prevention
    - more free time
    - personalized support
    - onsite
    - free delivery
    - piece of mind
    - limited frustrations
  Much more then just a service contract, service plans and preventative maintenance are proven to dramatically reduce costs. Have a team at your beck and call ready to bend over backwards to keep you running 24/7.

Contracts become your most valuable employee whom never gets sick, is available 24/7, never takes holidays, is as  committed to your organization as you are, self motivated to help you grow and develop your business, all at a fraction of the cost.

Website Design & Hosting
    - basic setup
    - complex setups
    - hosting
    - email
    - domain name setup
    - registrations
    - web design
    - complete solutions
  Get a presence or need a full online purchasing facility. This is made simple for you with all the steps from basic to advanced taken care for you. A website is like an advertising campaign get it wrong and it could be disastrous.
Technical Support
    - internet issues
    - general trouble shooting
    - windows 98/2K/XP
    - computer freezing
    - computer not starting
    - onsite serving
    - NT trouble shooting
    - windows server
    - small business server
    - 2000/2003 server*
    - linux firewalls*
    - linux fileservers*
    - linux astericks servers*
  Fast response and straight solutions. Friendly and easy to deal with answers.

From Windows problems to advanced windows and linux servers a solution is near and efficient.

With a multi talented team with years of experience expect nothing but the best. Striving for excellence on our side can only be a benefit on your side. Get the right answers the first time.

* Require contract for support

Firewall Solutions
    - internet security
    - network protection
    - information protection
    - intrusion protection
    - intrusion detection
    - regulatory compliance
    - advanced firewalls
    - denial of service
    - security addressing
    - virtual private networks
    - safe network access
    - data leaks
    - data control
    - vulnerability blocking
  There is no better time then now to address the security of your organisation. Protecting against external and internal threats are paramount in the modern technology world. Much time and money can be wasted trying to fix problems after the event.
Anti Virus Solutions
    - virus's addressed
    - home, office,
    - organisation & enterprise
    - real time anti virus
    - real time anti spam
    - real time anti adds
    - real time email protection
    - intrusion detection
    - trojan evasion
    - worm prevention
  The thorn in the side of the computer industry. A problem that exists everywhere.

Software servicing and antivirus solutions can be done at an individual level, business level or corporation levels. Virus's can be controlled at the server level before they can even reach your network if handled correctly.

Internet Connections
    - plans
    - business integration
    - business to business connections
    - broadband
    - wireless
    - telephone over internet
    - internet sharing
  High speed broadband internet is fast becoming common place. This is a relevant part of today's communication systems and should be an integral part in your organisation.

Technology begins here without out it could mean loses in income and revenue.

Service Level Agreements

    - maintenance
    - priority repairs
    - priority replacements
    - priority response
    - servicing
    - same day response*
    - risk assessment
    - remote assisstance
    - technology planning
    - fast turn around
    - no call out fee
    - charge per 15m not hourly
    - unlimited telephone support

  A company’s success today is integrally linked with its information technology (IT) services. Any disruptions or degradations in IT service can cause serious, even catastrophic, damage to business. That means IT professionals are under considerable pressure to ensure that required IT service levels are delivered to users. Considering the complexity and dynamic nature of today’s enterprise networks, it can be quite a challenge to achieve the high levels of service users require—and demand.

Business Need
Establish, track, and measure service level performance and distinguish priority situations
Initiate proactive service level management by aligning IT services with business needs
Ensure customer satisfaction by delivering the speed and quality of service level customers expect
Prevent miscommunication between IT and business about reasonable service levels

Our Solution
With Remedy Service Level Agreements, IT Support staff can manage the entire range of service level agreement (SLA) processes, from defining SLAs and monitoring compliance, to collecting and analyzing performance data, addressing problem areas, and continually refining the services offered. Once implemented, Remedy Service Level Agreements also enables real-time, proactive SLA management to ensure that you meet or exceed expectations. As a result, you can keep IT service delivery closely aligned with business requirements and continually improve service quality

    - cut costs
    - identify areas of change
    - differentiated service
    - contact relation management
    - small scale integration
    - large scale integration
    - building infrastructure
    - financial control
    - regulation & compliance
    - develop human resource
    - optimizing IT performance
    - optimizing supply chains
    - protecting employee's
    - protecting information
    - efficient controls
    - strategic change
    - business intelligence
  Development and growth both benefits both parties.

* Evaluate and transform your IT infrastructure -- and the processes that support it -- to help meet your business goals.

* Growing your business requires more than just dedication and determination.

* Increase customer's loyalty, do even more for your key customers and maintain your profitability.

* Make strategic decisions that enhance your competitiveness and create new sources of value within your organisation.

* Secure your customer and employee information with sound privacy practices that create a trusted environment.

Messaging & Communication
    - office messaging
    - secure chat
    - email security
    - exchange security
    - vpn security
    - messaging security
    - message monitoring
    - messaging considerations
  Instant messaging (IM) has triumphed in the past 2-3 years among personal Internet users as well as within companies. There are now few school children not in touch with their friends via ICQ, MSN or AOL Messenger — but also stockbrokers, currency dealers, and the IT department are constantly ‘chatting’” with their most important contacts via Messenger software.

The real-time, interactive nature of Instant Messaging makes it a valuable tool for collaborative efforts with business partners, customers and fellow employees.

Project Management
    - improved efficiency
    - organised schedules
    - development paths
    - planned I.T paths
    - control & tracking
    - managed project objectives
    - management systems
    - project management tools
    - strategic planning
    - I.T development growth
    - project tracking
    - licence rollout
    - infrastructure rollout
    - project planning
    - workflow management
    - human resource deployment
  Workflow, efficiency, human resource are key factors in a developing organisation. Addressing these needs can dramatically improve competitiveness in today's market.

Achieving objectives and goals are paramount in a modern company, Project Management can be recognised as the preferred process to achieve objectives at all levels in industry, government and small business.

With a dedicated team of I.T professionals at a fraction of the cost as an in house I.T professional can bring growth and prosperity to all involved.



Network Cabling & Cabinets
    - consultancy
    - network performance
    - cabling & points
    - cat5 / 5e / 6
    - wall points
    - switch integration
    - server cabinets
    - server enclosures
    - cooling
    - air conditioning
  No job is too large or too small. We carry out installations and moves from 1 cable to many hundreds of cables.

Installation package including Consultancy, Installation and Support. Our skilled Engineers have many years experience gained from the successful completion of hundreds of installations.

Disaster Recovery
    - disaster planning
    - education
    - backup & recovery
    - data replication
    - on site & off site
    - data protection
    - remote monitoring
    - data destruction
    - downtime prevention
  The question today is how long does it take you to be up and running after a system crash. Without the correct systems in place this can be catastrophic and cost hours, days or even weeks of downtime and expense replacing lost information. By putting in place simple practices can save thousands.

Permanently removing data before disposing of old equipment is a major security risk, its like leaving the keys in the safe and the alarm switched off.

Security Audit and Design
    - security strategies
    - regular reviews
    - licensing responsibility
    - wireless
    - internal
    - external
    - vpn
    - policy implementation
    - firewalls
    - ip filtering
    - information security
    - antivirus
    - worm control

  Awareness of the need for information security

Unsecured computers attached to the Internet are reported to be scannedby outsiders an average of 17 times a day. Without proper security,  businesses are vulnerable to threats such as hard disk crashes, identity theft, credit card theft, tunneling into company systems using files placed on home users’ PCs, extortion, scans from zombie programs looking for insecure computers, and compromised private information

Large Enterprises
Large enterprises need to raise their level of responsibility and implement programs to protect IT assets, according to the NSSC. Cyber-attacks on large businesses can compromise intellectual property, put customer data at risk, and severely damage a company’s reputation and financial bottom line.

Data Storage
    - off site storage
    - data security
    - remote monitoring
    - data integrity
    - data destruction
    - information retrieval
    - disaster recovery
    - disaster plans
    - streamline recovery
    - data rationalizing
  Integration of off site backup strategies and disaster recovery plan.

Recovery Plans with critical data at the forefront, experience and knowledge to work with you to develop an effective and tailored Disaster Recovery Plan to meet specific business needs.




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