Pickup Service


Having issues with your laptop or computer? Things not running how they should? Too busy or unable to pop in store to see us and drop your computer off?


Computer Town is now offering a pickup/drop off service for your all your computer repair or upgrade needs. 

Well come to you, pick up the unit, bring it back to our store here, and return to you fixed, saving you the hassle of worrying or making the trip out to us



Pricing for our pick up service is $99.95.

This covers the following:

  • Pickup of the Computer/Laptop/All In One/Micro computer etc.
  • ASSESSMENT of the unit (diagnosis on why you're having the issue you're having)
  • Return of the Goods to you

Please note that additional charges may be required to fix your problem. If this is the case, a Computer Town staff member will call and confirm with you prior to any work being undertaken. If you do not wish to proceed with the fix, there are no additional charges and we will return the computer to you in it's current state. 


Days and Service Area:

Our Pickup Service will undertake pick ups and drop offs Tuesday & Friday afternoons between 4:00pm - 6:00pm. 

Area's covered include North as far as North Wollongong, South as far as Kiama, and West as far as Calderwood/Horsley

Areas of service covered by this service are outlined in the map below. 


Terms and Conditions:

The following terms and conditions apply to our pickup/delivery service:

  1. The pickup service only applies to Computers, Laptops, All in one Units & Micro computers (Nucs, Mini PC's etc). Tablets and phones are not part of this service. 
  2. Computer Town reserves the right to refuse pickup on any goods deemed dangerous, damaged or unsuitable for repair, and not of the above category. In this instance, partial refunds may apply for the service.
  3. Computer Town employees are not permitted to enter any residence. Pickup will take place outside the front door, meaning all devices need to be disconnected and ready for pickup at your specified time. Computer Town employees will NOT be able to connect or disconnect any components to your returned or picked up computer. 
  4. In the event the client is from a town house, nursing home or other residential institute, Computer Town representatives will meet clients at reception/common areas to pick up the goods. 
  5. In the event a PC is not ready for pick up upon arrival, or clients are not at their residence, the pickup service will be rescheduled. Additional charges may apply for this service.
  6. In the event of unforeseen circumstances (traffic, car trouble etc) by our staff members, we will reschedule your pickup service at no additional cost to the client
  7. Goods will be inspected on pickup for damage/defects and photos will be taken of the goods. 
  8. Goods will never be delivered back to clients if they are not at the specified delivery address.
  9. Delivery addresses cannot be different from the pickup address. All goods will be returned to the same destination that they were picked up from


Refunds will be offered only under the following conditions:

  • You wish to cancel your pickup service at minimum 24 hours before your scheduled pickup time


  • A "No Fault Found" diagnosis if found
  • You do not wish to proceed with a repair
  • You decide to pick the computer up instore
  • You miss your pickup/drop of service (although a reschedule will be offered here)

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) & This Service:

We ask that in using this service, your please be considerate of the state of the the world and also your personal health at this point in time. If you have just returned from over seas or for whatever reason are undergoing a period of Self Isolation, we please ask that you DO NOT make use of this service. Computer town reserves the right to refuse service for the protection of our staff and also our clients in the event that these conditions are not met. If your conditions change following making a booking, please contact us to arrange a free reschedule of your service. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Why can’t you service in the home?

Great question! To complete a full service, there are technical scans that can run for many hours. It doesn’t make sense to charge per hour to watch a bar sliding across the screen.

As an example, if your computer is infected with a virus or malware, the scans can sometimes run over night. By having it in our workshop, we can ensure the machine completes a full scan and gets fixed “properly”. These jobs are always quoted at a fixed price so there are no surprises!


What does the $99 cover?

The $99 charge covers the computer to be collected (from your door step) and brought back for assessment, and returned to you.


Is it cheaper if I bring the computer to you?

Our in-store assessment fee is $69.95 so it is a little cheaper.


Can you give me an example of the process?

Your computer is NOT turning on.

  1. You book a job for Computer Town to service and pay the $99.
  2. We collect the computer
  3. We bring to our workshop an assess the full extent of the fault (example is a faulty power supply)
  4. We will test all other components to ensure no other damage.
  5. We will contact you with a fixed quote to replace the power supply
  6. If you accept the quote, we will complete the repair and charge the additional fee
  7. Return the working machine to you.


What happens if I don’t with to proceed with the repair (ie not cost effective) ?

In some cases, the repair cost can out way the replacement of the computer. In this instant, we can provide honest advice and necessary quotes to replace the item. The old computer will be returned to you as part of the fee already paid for assessment or can be disposed off at no additional fee


Do I get a refund if I don’t with to proceed with a repair?

No refunds will be given should you not wish to complete the repair. The pickup and assessment is allocated to the time and resources to collect and assess the computer.


If you collect the computer but I want to pick it up, do I get a partial refund?

No refunds are given should you wish to collect your computer from our store.


What happens if NO fault is found or can’t re-produce the fault

Should we collect the computer and bring back for assessment and can’t reproduce the fault, additional steps may be required here. We may in some instances contact you for further explanation on the situation/cause of your issue. Were you doing something specific? Is it only a certain program that causes the crashes? Etc. We may also ask you to come in store where available to try and demonstrate the issue should we be unable to replicate the issue.

Ultimately however, if after attempting further investigation we cannot reproduce the error in question, we will return a “No Fault Found” diagnosis and return the machine to you. A No Fault found diagnosis does not warrant a refund as the work and assessment has been carried out.


Can I choose a specific time for pickup or return?

We have allocated days and times where the Computer Town Couriers are completing pick ups and returns. We can not guarantee specific dates and times. We will try and work together with you to fit into our ever busy schedules.


Do I have to pay upfront?

Yes. ALL payments must be made and cleared prior to your booking being confirmed and goods collected.


What methods of payment do you accept?

If booking online, the only 2 payment options are Pay Pal, Or Credit Card.

If booking over the phone, we accept the following payment options:

  • Direct Deposit
  • Credit Card (Over the Phone)
  • Zip Money (Phone Booking)


Refunds will be offered only under the following conditions:

  • You wish to cancel your pickup service at minimum 24 hours before your scheduled pickup time


  • A "No Fault Found" diagnosis if found
  • You do not wish to proceed with a repair
  • You decide to pick the computer up instore
  • You miss your pickup/drop of service (although a reschedule will be offered here)