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  Premium Support  
12 Months Premium Support $299 $0
* NB: additional fees are charged for onsite work    
Unlimited telephone support ü ü
Unlimited remote support via the internet ü ü
Peripheral installation Printers / Scanners ü ü
Initial Computer Setup $129 $0
Windows Activation / Registration ü ü
Windows Updates ü ü
Office installed if purchased ü ü
Backup, setup with external drive* (*requires drive) û ü
Google Chrome Setup û ü
Acrobat reader setup û ü
Libre Office ( MS Office Compatible Word/Excel) û ü
30 Day Antivirus Protection with updates û ü
Remote Assistance Software û ü
Data Transfer ü $88
Pictures ü ü
Documents ü ü
Emails ü ü
Installed or downloaded programs* û û
* Programs that have been installed via CD or downloaded and installed    
Re-setup of Accounting software û $66
Warranty and faults are managed at the store û ü
Where possible replacement/repairs done while you wait û ü
Backup of data done and restored if an item needs to be returned to a manufacturer û $44

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