Computer Tune-ups.

No one likes a slow computer. It may be that physically your computer is fine but there is so much rubbish in the background that it is getting bogged down.

What is a computer tune-up?

A computer tune-up is the where we look at the programs you have installed, review the processes that are in your start-up procedure as well as the background programs that are running and we simply remove what is not necessary. This can dramatically improve your computers start-up and general operation of your computer.

This is all part of a computer service which we do at a fixed rate and is extremely comprehensive.

Does the dust inside my computer really effect it?

Absolutely yes! A computer is a complex jumble of electronic components and dust can affect it dramatically. Firstly, the dust reduces the ability of the computer to keep cool and this is a bad thing. The hotter the computer runs the more inefficient it is. If the circuitry runs hot it will also reduce the life of your computer.

Secondly, certain dust produces short circuits in the electronics which can stop a computer from starting as well intermittently cause it to restart to mention a couple of things.

Thirdly, dust can prevent fans from working efficiently and not at all, this can cause circuits to burn out and fail. This is most common with graphics cards and some graphics cards are expensive to replace.

Finally, dust can also attract and hold moisture, water and electronics simply do not mix.

If my computer is still slow after a tune-up what then?

If your computer is slower than normal we will pick it up during a service. We will advise you as to what is causing it to be slow, whether a service will fix the issue  and what other options that you may have to speed your computer up again and make it like new.