Computer Town Australia pc and apple repairs and servicing, screens replaced, motheraord replacemed, all upgrades.

PC and Apple repairs and servicing.

With over 22 years of experience we have the knowledge and know how to get the job done fast and right the first time.

  • Screen replacement
  • Motherboard replacement
  • Hard disk drive replacement
  • Solid state hard disk drive upgrades
  • Ram upgrades
  • Virus removal
  • General cleanup and servicing

Is my computer or laptop worth repairing or should I just buy a new one?

This is a question that we get often and we take an honest approach at answering it.

With our experience and expertise we have an excellent grasp on current and older technologies. This gives us the ability to quickly assess your repair, problem or issue and offer you the best value for money repair or replacement.

We assess the computers problem in most cases in front of you while you wait and advise you of the best solution. Sometimes the problem may require a little more investigation but at worst you will have an answer within 24 hours so you will not have to wait weeks.

With an expensive repair we will go out of way to give you the most economical solution to the problem. In most cases we will give you a number of options and give value weighting to each to help you decide which is the best solution for you.

The reason we have been around so long.

Honestly, reliability, speed, accuracy, efficiency and value for money just about sums it up. We pride ourselves in having a high quality work ethic and attempt to do the best that we can for our customers in the shortest possible time, no one likes to be without their computer.

How long will my repair take?

Assessments are done in front of you whilst you wait, if the repair can be done in under an hour we will do it there and then for you. We have a large stock holding an carry over 90% of replacement items needed.

A Full computer service which includes a full hardware check, internal clean, virus and malware removal, software optimisation and stress test we aim for 24 hours, this can extend to 48 hours with computers with larger hard disk drives and deep virus infections.

Assembly of a complete computer is usually 24 hours.

Laptop screen replacement; usually 24 hours depending on the time it gets to us.

Laptop motherboard replacement can take up to 2 weeks depending on the age of the laptop.

In all cases there can be unexpected delays out of our control due to breakdown, couriers, and other factors not seen at the time of book-in but the following will give you a guide.

Computer Town Australia desktop computer packages