Maxi NUC PC Media Centre (Computer only)

This mini PC connects directly to your TV via HDMI and will allow you to watch (stream) and TV show or movie that your heart desires. There are no subscriptions or service fees, all TV and Movies are FREE. There are options to stream live sports/music/documentaries from all over the world.

It is not a cheap TV box that you pay a subscription for but a fully functioning computer that streams internet content seamlessly and it comes pre-configured for TV and Movies.

Standard configuration includes: (use drop down menus to change options)

  • 6th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-6700

The Intel® Pentium Processor is the entry level processor designed for everyday office applications like Word, Excel, email and Internet browsing . It is limited in a multi-tasking environment, that is, it does not handle doing lots of things at the same time.

The Intel® i3 Processor is the first processor designed for a multi-tasking environment where you can seamlessly switch between multiple open programs. If you’re a power worker who has Word, Excel, Outlook, Internet, MYOB or Quick books open all at the same time the i3 will not let you down.

The Intel® i5 with its Quad Core Processor is designed to crunch through those heavy spreadsheet and database calculations to give results that you won’t have to wait around for.

The Intel® i7 is a super Processor ready to take on heavy video rendering, 2D and 3D plan redraws at lightning speed. It is the ideal companion for the photo, video and desktop publishing applications.

The Intel® Processor family....

Selecting a processor can be difficult.

What you need today may be not what you need tomorrow.

Newer programs, games and applications come out every day that require larger processors with more power to make them work properly.

It is hard to see what will come out next year, or the year after or even three years down the track, so don’t sell yourself short.

Generally the larger the processor that you select the longer the computer will last.

The "K" Processor allows you to over clock the speed of the CPU, basically rev it harder to get better performance.

NB. It is very easy to upgrade other components of a computer like Ram, Hard Disk and Video Card but not so easy to upgrade the CPU.

Ram is like your office desk space, the larger your desk the more work you can do at the same time.

If you run one or two programs at a time than 8Gb is plenty. If you are a power user who switches between many programs and have lots of things running at once than 16Gb of ram would be your friend. So when it comes to multi-tasking the more ram you have the more effecient your system will be.

This is is a great article which comprehensivley tests programs with 4, 8 and 16g Ram, however they only test one program at a time, ram really benefits you if you run lots of programs at the same time....

The 32Gb eMMC drive is fine as a media centre. if you want to store download video you can add a storage drive.

Alternatively you could simple connect to your normal house computer and play videos stored there.

Capable of running 2x monitors using HDMI and Mini Display Port

The Intel® Nuc Chassis measures only 115mm x 111mm x 48mm

** NB: different models may vary slightly **

  • 1 6th generation Intel® processor
  • 2 Intel® HD Graphics
  • 3 Two DDR4 SO-DIMM sockets (up to 32 GB, 2133 MHz)
  • 4 M.2 slot with flexible support for a 42 or 80 mm M.2 SSD, 1x SATA3 port for connection to 2.5" HDD or SSD (NUC6i3SYH)
  • 5 Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260 and Bluetooth* 4.1
  • 6 Back panel DC power connector (12V - 19V)
  • 7 One HDMI* 1.4b display port supporting
  • 8 channel audio (7.1 surround sound)
  • 8 Intel® Gigabit LAN
  • 9 2x USB 3.0 ports on the back panel
  • 10 One Mini DisplayPort* version 1.2 supporting 8 channel digital audio (7.1 surround sound)
  • 11 Kensington lock support
  • 12 Support for user-replaceable third-party lids
  • 13 SD card slot
  • 14 2x USB 3.0 ports (including one charging port)
  • 15 Intel® HD Audio1 via Headphone/Microphone jack
  • 16 Consumer infrared sensor

Kodi is award winning media player software for streaming content from the Internet.
Similar to Netflix but not limited like Neflix and there is no fee.
You can watch the latest Movies, TV shows, listen to the latest music, watch documentaries and stream live sport.
The Kodi software is free. Our fee is for setup and configuration to make the system ready to run out of the box. This process can be quite complicated but we make it easy for you.
Easily stream the latest Movies and Tv shows.
Streaming experience will vary based on your Internet speed.
Computer Town Australia recommends at least a Pentium processor for a better all round experience.

Curved monitors deliver a captivating , realistic viewing experience that takes entertainment to a whole new level.
The curve is designed to match the curvature of your eye which puts every corner at the same distance from your eye reducing eye strain and eye fatigue.

19.5" (20") LED Widescreen 1600x900


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21.5" (22") LED Widescreen 1980x1080


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23.5" (24") LED Widescreen 1980x1080


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27" LED Widescreen 1980x1080


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Curved 27" LED, SAMSUNG (16:9) 1920x1080


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Curved 31.5" LED, SAMSUNG (16:9) 1920x1080


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Curved 29" LED, SAMSUNG, Ultrawide 21:9 2560x1080


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Curved 34" LED, SAMSUNG, 3K-QHD, Ultrawide 21:9 3440x1440.


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Microsoft MS 800 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse


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Microsoft MS 2000 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse


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Microsoft Sculpt ergonomic Wireless Keyboard and Mouse


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Logitech Wireless Keyboard with built in touch pad


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* Computer Town Australia does not recommend Norton 360

With over 22 years of computer servicing you get to know what works and what doesn't.

We have found that Norton Antivirus and Security (not 360) are the most effective and least intrusive antivirus product.

The product does not bog the system down and give you useless popup reminders like other products and most of all it works with a rating of over 94% effectiveness.

All warranty is return to base

During warranty period we offer free remote assistance where if you ar ehaving an issue we can log into your computer over the internet and assist you with issues you may be having.

Warranties are a part of life, as much as we select the best possible brand or product based on our 22 year experience things can still go wrong but we have you covered.

We cover all physical parts of the computer and we do this with new exchange items in most cases while you wait, unlike other companies who generally return the faulty product to the supplier which can take anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks = long time, no gaming.

For our distance customers we pay the return freight.

A modern computer is generally very reliable but things can go wrong, backing your information up is the single most important thing that is a must for modern day computing.

How would you be if you lost a years worth of work, your personal photos or everything. We have seen hard disk drives fail and virusus destroy the entire contents of a computer.

Data recovery starts at around $800 for a broken hard disk and there are virusus out there that will destroy all content on your computer......*** you have been WARNED ***

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