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LENOVO All-In-One - Intel Core™ i5-6400T | 23" Full HD borderless, 1920x1080, | 8GB Ram DDR4 Ram | 1Tb HDD HDD | Windows 10 | Optical: DVD Multiburner | Wireless AC | Bluetooth Yes | 12 Months Warranty | Lenovo

  • 6th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-6700

Ram is like your office desk space, the larger your desk the more work you can do at the same time.

If you run one or two programs at a time than 8Gb is plenty. If you are a power user who switches between many programs and have lots of things running at once than 16Gb of ram would be your friend. So when it comes to multi-tasking the more ram you have the more effecient your system will be.

This is is a great article which comprehensivley tests programs with 4, 8 and 16g Ram, however they only test one program at a time, ram really benefits you if you run lots of programs at the same time....

Adobe Premier

The graph shows Adobe Premier encoding a 1 minute 4K project as well as time to open a 40Gb project.

There was only a 15 second difference between 32Gb of ram compared to 8Gb ram and only a 12 second improvement from 8Gb to 16Gb ram. When opening a 40Gb project 16Gb ram opened the file in almost half the time as 8Gb and 32Gb opened the project 75% faster than 16Gb,

Adobe After Effects

The graph shows the time in seconds to encode a 5 second sequence.

With Adobe After Effects final videos are not ram intensive so more ram is not of a real advantage. When it comes to real time previews the more ram you have the better but when encoding ram makes little difference.

Imagine loading into Windows in around 20 seconds! A solid state hard allows you to achieve this. The limit of course is the size, if this is an issue simply add a secondary drive. A standard Hard Disk works fine for storage

Solid state hard disk drives (SSD's) can make everything happen at about 5x faster , this has been the biggest advance in speed since, well, anything!

A computer with an Intel i3 processor and a SSD will far out perform an Intel i7 with a standard hard dive anyday.

SSD's are not only 5x faster but they use less power, make no noise, are extremely reliable and last significantly longer.

With online gaming you can generally tell who has an SSD because they are on the map the FIRST!

Any Solid State Hard Disk will be configured as a primary drive.

a second drive, this is usually a standard hard disk Drive (HDD), this allows you to have a high speed SSD for your main drive.

The operating system (Windows), programs and games generally are stored on the primary drive (usually an SSD) and the secondary drive is reserved for large amounts of data like movies, redundant games, music pictures and more. This setup dramatically improves the overall performance of your computer.

There are many circumstances when a second monitor is very handy..
You double your screen space so you can have twice as many things viewable at the same times which can be a dramtic improvement in productivity.
Curved monitors deliver a captivating , realistic viewing experience that takes entertainment to a whole new level.
The curve is designed to match the curvature of your eye which puts every corner at the same distance from your eye reducing eye strain and eye fatigue.

Microsoft Business Class Keyboard and Mouse


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Microsoft Wireless Keyboard and Mouse


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Microsoft 2000 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse


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Microsoft Ergonomic Wireless Keyboard and Mouse


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Logitech Wired Mouse Black


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Logitech Wired Mouse Red 


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Logitech Wired Mouse White 


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Genius Wireless Mouse


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Microsoft Wireless Mouse


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Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse


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* Computer Town Australia does not recommend Norton 360

With over 22 years of computer servicing you get to know what works and what doesn't.

We have found that Norton Antivirus and Security (not 360) are the most effective and least intrusive antivirus product.

The product does not bog the system down and give you useless popup reminders like other products and most of all it works with a rating of over 94% effectiveness.

All warranty is return to base

Warranties are a part of life, as much as we select the best possible brand or product based on our 22 year experience things can still go wrong but we have you covered.

We cover all physical parts of the computer and we do this with new exchange items in most cases while you wait, unlike other companies who generally return the faulty product to the supplier which can take anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks = long time, no gaming.

For our distance customers we pay the return freight.

Logitech USB Headset and Microphone


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Microsoft USB Headset and Microphone


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A modern computer is generally very reliable but things can go wrong, backing your information up is the single most important thing that is a must for modern day computing.

How would you be if you lost a years worth of work, your personal photos or everything. We have seen hard disk drives fail and virusus destroy the entire contents of a computer.

Data recovery starts at around $800 for a broken hard disk and there are virusus out there that will destroy all content on your computer......*** you have been WARNED ***

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