Beware the latest phone scam, Scammers are impersonating NBN staff and tricking unsuspecting customers into handing over sensitive personal information.

  Firstly, NBN Co does not wring people. NBN Co is the wholesaler and deals only with the retailer directly. The retailers are Telstra, Optus, Dodo, Imprimus, iinet, Exetel etc. Scammers impersonating National Broadband Network (NBN) staff are attempting to con unsuspecting consumers into handing over sensitive personal identification details. If in doubt, call us,… Read More »

Common Virus Terms

PUP (potentially unwanted program) A PUP (potentially unwanted program) is a program that may be unwanted, despite the possibility that users consented to download it. PUPs include spyware, adware, and dialers, and are often downloaded in conjunction with a program that the user wants. Browser hijacker (browser hijacking) A browser hijacker is a malware program… Read More »

Gaming benchmark, AMD Ryzen vs Intel CPU, 16 Games tested.

  It is only early stages from the release of the new AMD Ryzen processors and the question is, does the Ryzen CPU stack up to all the hype? Does it beat or compare to the Intel CPU? Take a look at these benchmarks courtesy of “Hardware Unboxed” and make up your own mind. Note;… Read More »

Radeon RX 480 vs GeForce GTX 1070

  Evaluation of RX 480 vs 1070 among Desktop GPUs. General Computing Score Gaming Performance Graphics Performance All information courtesy of GPU Boss Video Card – Nvidia GTX 1070 8Gb Gigabyte G1 Gaming, Graphics card. RRP: $699.00 Buy Now: $669.00 Save: $30 Add to Cart  More Detail

AMD Ryzen Water Cooling Compatibility Table

  Compatibility of current water coolers for the new AMD Ryzen Processors. Use this table to determine what water cooler to buy to suite the new AMD Ryzen CPU’s. This is a list of current water coolers that will natively fit the AM4 CPU. Cooler Master Hyper 212 LED Turbo Hyper T4 Hyper TX3 (plastics)… Read More »

Computer Town Australia Pty Ltd

  Computer Town Australia Pty Ltd is a fully Australian owned Company, priding itself in support and quality of product. We employ local people and every dollar earned is spent in the local community supporting Australian local people and families. Not one single dollar is sent overseas to support International Corporations. Money spent in Australia… Read More »

SSD vs HDD Game Load Times

The following is a side by side comparison of game load times of an SSD vs HDD. Regardless of load times all gamers know that games are not perfect and there will be many times that your system will require a re-boot when playing. This is where the SSD wins hands down, re-boot your system… Read More »

The Perfect Space Saving Home PC

Special Promo – Like and Share and we will refund you a further $200.00 when you purchase one of these Lenovo All-In-One Computers THE PERFECT HOME PC. Dependable and affordable, the IdeaCentre AIO 510 represents the ideal home PC. Featuring a border-less infinity display, improved performance and graphics capability, and the latest WiFi and Bluetooth… Read More »