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Sata data cable | straight both ends

Cable - 25CM SATA3 Cable (6Gb) - Straight both ends, Sata data cable

Part No:CB-SATA3-25S

RRP: $3.50

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Molex & SATA Power Cable

Molex & SATA Power Cable - 15CM SATA M to Molex & SATA Power Cable

Part No:CB-PS-124

RRP: $7.49

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Cable - (P/N:) Sata Power and Data Cable

Part No:

RRP: $7.95

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Convert molex to 2 sata

Molex to 2x Sata Power Cable

Cable - 1 Molex to 2 Sata Power Cable

Part No:CB-PS-42

RRP: $9.95

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Micro SATA To SATA Adaptor

Part No:CB-MSATA-02

RRP: $19.94

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